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Products - Product Types - Plumbing - Laundry Tray Systems

Laundry Tray Systems- Barnes

Laundry Tray Systems come complete, pre-assembled with pump, tank, discharge pipe and check valve. Systems can be used to remove water where gravity flow is not available without breaking concrete. Typical applications include laundry sinks, wet bars, dehumidifiers, water softeners and air conditioner condensation. 

Heads To: 30 feet 
Flows To: 150 g.p.m.

Packaged Systems- Barnes

Barnes Packaged Plumbing Systems are designed to handle wastes from lavatories, laundry tubs, floor drains, water closets, etc. and will push the water from below ground up to where normal drainage will handle it. Complete packages with basins and controls are available in many different sizes and configurations. 

Heads To: 26 feet 
Flows To: 150 g.p.m.

Related Accessories

Battery Backup Inverter

Barnes Battery Backup Inverter System provides you added protection and peace of mind! The same pump can be on AC or DC power. The BBIS will automatically switch from AC power to DC battery power. (Recommended with either of the following pumps: SP33, SP50, SU25, or SU33).

Control Panels, Alarms, Starters/ Contactors

A variety of remote alarms with warning lights and/or annunciators for indoor or outdoor use may be specified. Require 120v power supply.
Simplex for Automatic Pumps  Remote Alarm Light

Starters & Contactors
NEMA 1 Simplex starters and contactors are available as an economic choice for reliable pump operation on single and three phase units up to 25hp.
Starters & Contactors

Control Panels
Barnes control panels provide proven, reliable performance and potential malfunction warning. Simplex and Duplex models are contained within a NEMA 4X enclosure and are available with single or three phase power. All components are UL listed.
Versatrol Standard Panels  Stealth Control Panels

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