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Split Case Pumps- Weinman
Weinman split case pumps meet a wide variety of service needs. The L series single-stage and LVM vertically mounted pumps provide large capacity general service pumping. Rugged and reliable, they combine mechanical simplicity with sophisticated hydraulic design. Recognized for their quality, efficiency and excellent life cycle cost, Weinman split case pumps meet the design criteria of: ASTM, HI, ANSI, AISI, SAE and AMSE.
Materials of construction and performance highlights:

Models: LVM Vertical Split CaseL Horizontal Split Case, JD Multistage Split Case
Flows To: 7,000 g.p.m.
Heads To: 460 feet
Discharge: 2-12 inches
Key product characteristics and benefits:

• Mounting- A separate, adjustable motor mounting plate
can be doweled into place by the installer
after coupling is aligned in fi eld to ensure
accurate, lasting alignment. The pump is permanently bolted and
doweled to the base at the factory to prevent
pump movement and misalignment.
Coupling- A spacer-type coupling is standard and allows
easy replacement of seals and bearings
without removing motor or casing top.
Easy Maintenance- A thrust collar sleeve prevents the
rotating assembly from dropping if a bearing
should fail. A lip seal prevents liquid from
entering the lower bearing housing.
• Easy Handling- Lifting holes placed in the top and side of the
base make lifting and installation easier.
Best solution for the following operations:

  • General Water Service 
  • Domestic Water Booster System 
  • Chilled & Hot Water Systems