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Split Case Pumps

Weinman split case pumps meet a wide variety of service needs. The L series single-stage and LVM vertically mounted pumps provide large capacity general service pumping. Rugged and reliable, they combine mechanical simplicity with sophisticated hydraulic design. Recognized for their quality, efficiency and excellent life cycle cost, Weinman split case pumps meet the design criteria of: ASTM, HI, ANSI, AISI, SAE and AMSE.

Deming Horizontal split-case single stage; general purpose split case pumps are designed for continuous service handling of both hot and cold fluids.

Split Case Case Studies

Models: Weinman
LVM Vertical Split Case
L Horizontal Split Case
5060 Single-Stage Series
Flows To: 7,000 g.p.m.
Heads To: 460 feet - Weinman
500 feet - Deming
Discharge: 2 - 12 inches - Weinman
1.5 - 3 inches - Deming

Applications: Weinman
General Water Service
Domestic Water Booster System
Chilled & Hot Water Systems

General Water Supply
Booster Service
Municipal Waterworks
Water Circulation
Features: Entire rotating element can be removed without disturbing pipe connections or driver
Extra deep stuffing box with split glands
Balanced axial & radial thrust bearings
Seal cages
Clockwise or counter clockwise rotation

Casing - Horizontally split, upper and lower half bolted and doweled to provide perfect alignment. Bearing supports are cast and bored integrally with lower half casing. Upper half easily removed for inspection and maintenance without disturbing piping. Casing wear rings are standard and are field replaceable.

Impeller - Enclosed, double suction type, accurately machined and balanced for smooth operation. Impeller wear rings are standard on 8 discharge and larger sizes, optional on other sizes.

High Strength Shaft - High strength steel shaft with renewable shaft sleeves provides protection from corrosion and abrasion.

Compact Size - Overall equipment size and weight have been decreased, permitting larger capacity pumps to be installed in smaller areas.

Materials of Construction - Bronze fitted and all iron are standard. Ductile iron, all bronze and stainless steel, are also available on most sizes.

Stuffing Box - Extra deep stuffing box accepts minimum of five rings of packing or a seal cage. Wide range of mechanical seal options available to suit many applications.

Advanced Design - Short, heavy shaft and close bearing centers limit shaft deflection and assure longer pump life with minimal maintenance.

Long Life Ball Bearings - Cartridge mounted, double-row thrust bearing may be inspected or serviced without disturbing casing bolts or piping. Grease or oil lubrication is available.

Maximum Interchangeability - Standardized parts simplify the design. Shafts, bearings, sleeves, seals and packing are identical within a power group.

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