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Download Mentor Pump Selector Files

Downloading these files to your computer lets you run our Mentor pump selector software from your computer (once downloaded, no internet connection will be required to select pumps, but will be required to view related catalog PDF sections).

Please select a brand to download the appropriate Mentor Pump Selector.

Barnes Catalog Submersible Pumps including Sump, Sewage, Effluent, Grinders, Non-Clogs, Solids Handling, Self Priming, Fountain and many Explosion Proof Models
Burks Catalog Industrial Pumps including Close Coupled and Base Mounted Centrifugals, Self Priming Centrifugals, Close Coupled and Base Mounted Regenerative Turbines, Vertical Multi-Stage, High Temperature Pumps, and Accessories.
Deming Catalog Industrial Pumps including End Suction, Split Case, ANSI Inline and Frame Mount, Vertical Sump, Submersible Non Clog, Vertical Process, and Dry and Wet Pit Non Clogs
Weinman Catalog HVAC Pumps including End Suction (Close Coupled & Frame Mounted), Inline, Sewage Ejectors, Condensate Return Units, Split Cases, and Self-Priming Units
All Catalogs All Catalogs in one Install

Download Instructions:
Crane Pumps & Systems, Mentor Pump Selector is now available on line for convenient download to your PC. Click on link above and choose to save the zip file to your hard drive. If you do not have a Zip file reader such as WinZip or WinRar, you will need to download one in order to unzip the files. Once downloaded, open the zip file and run the .exe file. This will automatically install the Mentor pump selector that you have chosen. Note: To install multiple brands you will need to download and install each file separately. There will be one instance of the program on your computer, but all the catalog files that you have selected will be available to choose from.

Program Usage Instructions:
Utilizing a wide variety of reference tools, Mentor selects all the pumps that meet applications specific criteria then allows the user to select the "best pump" for the required application. The pump selections are based on a number of user inputs such the physical properties of the fluids, motor criteria, capacity and differential head (TDH). After a quick search of the selected catalog, Mentor returns a complete list of pumps meeting the design criteria. Categories for selecting the most optimum pump and motor include speed, NPSHr, best efficiency point (BEP), design efficiency, power and motor size. Application specific performance curves can then be displayed for comparison and evaluation. Supporting documentation such as product specifications, dimensional drawings, cutaway views and engineering specifications can also be generated.

Mentor also allows the user to evaluate multiple pump operations, calculate operating costs and perform temperature vs. vapor pressure analyses for CP&S's sealless pump product lines. Motor speeds can be varied to evaluate the use of variable speed controllers. Mentor provides a novice the ability to design, select and evaluate CP&S's centrifugal product lines as proficiently as any seasoned application engineer.

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