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2018: Sithe and Deming Chopper Launch

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In 2018, the SITHE and Deming Chopper pumps were developed to combat the frequent clogging in wastewater applications. Crane Chopper pumps solve clogging with a unique patented chopping technology that slices even the most troublesome solids in the waste stream.

2008: SH and Demersible Non-Clog Platform Launched

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In 2008, Crane Pumps released the SH and Demersible Non-Clog portfolio, a line of submersible pumps designed using customer feedback to alleviate the most common pain points in wastewater applications. The Non-Clog line covers a performance range of flows up to 4000 GPM and heads up to 265 feet.


1946: Piqua Machine and Manufacturing Company Founded

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Founded in 1946 in Piqua, OH, Piqua Machine and Manufacturing specialized in 56 Frame Motors. In 1948, the company introduced the original 1/3 HP 1-1/4″ discharge submersible pump. The company later trademarked “Enpo” for Engineered Power.

1943: Army-Navy E Award

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In addition to producing pumps for WWII, Barnes converted manufacturing facilities to operations aiding the war effort. Crane was recognized in 1943 with the Army/Navy “E for Excellence” in war production. Less than 2% of production plants in America received this distinction.

Prosser founded 1942

1942: Prosser Brand Founded

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Initially founded in 1942, Prosser products historically included submersible Dewatering pumps used by utility companies to pump out an area before digging began, Damage Control pumps used as portable pumps on Navy vessels, Aerospace valves on helicopters and tanks, and exploding bolts.

Crown founded 1929

1929: Crown Brand Founded

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Founded in 1929 in Waterloo, Iowa, Crown product lines  historically included Centrifugal pumps and Self Priming trash and sewage pumps available in both engine-driven and electric motor-driven configurations.

Barnes founded 1895

1920: Barnes Self Priming Patent

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In the late 1920’s, Barnes patented a self-priming pump which made it practical to operate a portable pump in the construction industry without the time delay and effort of repriming. This was the first patent for this application.

Burks founded 1914

1914: Burks Brand Founded

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Originally founded in 1914 as Decatur Pumps located in Decatur, IL, the initial Burks product line featured a range of Centrifugal and Turbine pumps designed for circulation, pressure boosting, condensate return, and general industrial service for both industrial and residential well applications.