Product Release: New Non-Clog and Chopper Hydraulics

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We are excited to release the new hydraulics for our non-clog and chopper platforms! This new hydraulic extension applies to our Barnes and Deming brand pumps. This new release extends our hydraulic coverage for our mono-vane, dual-vane, tri-vane and vortex impellers, increases our maximum flow to 6500 gpm, and provides more solutions for our customers.

  • Our VC hydraulic is our first 3” discharge pump with the ability to pass true 3” solids and complies with 10 States Standards.
  • We have increased both head and flow levels for our TB and DA hydraulics.
  • Our MB is our low flow higher head option.
  • The Deming DM and Barnes DG have been redesigned for optimum efficiency.

Our VC hydraulic is only available for solids-handling pumps, while our DG/DM is only available for our chopper pumps. Be sure to view or download the flyers below for full information on our updated hydraulics for our solids-handling and chopper pump product lines!

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