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Products - Product Types - Pressure Sewer

EcoTRAN- Barnes

The EcoTRAN™ System preserves groundwater ecology by collecting and grinding sewage in an underground basin and transmitting the waste under pressure to a remote private or municipal waste treatment plant. The unit is easily installed and maintained as well as aesthetically pleasing. Crane Pumps & Systems also offers comprehensive piping analysis for your projects. 

Crane Pumps & Systems offers comprehensive piping analysis for your projects. Contact sales for more information.

Heads To: 
200 feet 
Flows To: 56 g.p.m.

Effluent Pumps- Barnes

Effluent pumps are designed for handling dirty water in typical septic tank / effluent applications. High temperature models are available. Barnes effluent pumps are designed to handle most low and high head effluent applications with a 1/2" solids handling capacity.

Heads To: 110 feet 
Flows To: 130 g.p.m.

Engineered Basins- Barnes

Barnes Pressure Sewer Systems offer a broad range of customized engineered pressure sewer basins with reliable and dependable 1 to 7.5 hp grinder pumps in simplex and duplex configurations to the municipal and commercial markets. The basins come in a variety of sizes to fit specific applications with custom control panels, multiple cover options and many accessories to suit exact needs.
Crane Pumps & Systems also offers comprehensive piping analysis for your projects. Contact sales for more information. 

Heads To: 200 feet 
Flows To: 100 g.p.m.

Omni Grind Plus™ Grinder Pumps- Barnes

The Omni Grind Plus™ contains the high head capabilities of a progressive cavity pump and the long life of Barnes centrifugal grinder pumps, making the Omni Grind Plus™ a universal grinder pump for single family residences.

Heads To: 200 feet 
Flows To: 28 g.p.m.

SGV Grinder Pumps- Barnes

Barnes SGV Grinder Pumps provide broad design flexibility with a choice of basin configurations. The UltraCAP II™ dry well level control system options and a variety of control panels and accessories allow system customization. Exclusive non-fouling controls eliminate routine, maintenance service calls.

Heads To: 
200 feet 
Flows To: 100 g.p.m.

Upgrade Cores- Barnes

The reliability and longevity of centrifugal grinder pumps is available in an Upgrade Core package that fits directly into E/One® 200 and 2000 Series basins as well as most other lower pressure sewer pump providers. The centrifugal technology out-performs Progressing Cavity technology. 

Heads To: 200 feet 
Flows To: 28 g.p.m.

Related Accessories

Basins & Covers

A full line of heavy duty fiberglass basins and covers are available for the large jobs requiring extra storage capacity and/or tank depth.

Break Away Fittings

Barnes break away fittings allow pump installation and removal without wet well entry or piping disconnection. Break away fittings provide easy access to all Barnes 1 1/4" (32mm) thru 8" (200mm) submersible pumps; units may be adapted for other submersibles with similar discharge sizes. Available in non-sparking design.

Capacitor/ Relay Packs

Plate mounted capacitor/relay packs are used to assist in retrofitting a single phase SGV or 4SE Barnes pump to another brand control panel.

Level Controls, Floats, and Junction Boxes

A full line of Pilot Duty or In-line level controls may be specified to meet pump installation requirements. Junction boxes are available in Simplex and Duplex models with NEMA 4X ratings. UL listed for select models.

Pump Hoists

500lb and 2000lb pump hoists for installation next to wet well cover. Allows safe and easy removal of pump from guide rail systems.


Check and Ball valves are available in a variety of configurations for shut off, backflow prevention and easy pump removal.

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