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Products - Product Types - Regenerative Turbine

Regenerative Turbine Pumps- Burks

Burks Turbine unique design is engineered for high pressure, low flow applications. Ideal for small boiler applications. The raceway conducts fluid into the impeller and then provides a channel for the liquid to move as it is propelled and energized by the impeller.
Heads To: 350 feet
Flows To: 91 g.p.m.

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Suction Diffusers

The Weinman suction diffuser is designed to reduce space and installation costs by replacing a long radius elbow, strainer and extended entry pipe on the suction side of the pump.

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The Weinman TD valve is a combination pump discharge valve which functions as a shut-off, check and calibrated flow balancer. Available in sizes 2" through 12" with ductile iron body.

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