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Column & Non- Clog Sump Pumps- Weinman
Weinman Non- Clog Vertical Column Sump Pumps are designed to handle various fluids from drainage water or any liquid waste containing small, non-fibrous solids to larger industrial processes. Their advanced design provides trouble-free service and low-cost operation.
Materials of construction and performance highlights:


Flows To: 1,500 g.p.m.
Heads To: 90 feet 
Discharge: 1.5-6 inches 
HP: 0.25- 20
RPM: 1150 or 1750 
Length: Sump depth up to 15 feet

Non- Clog:

Models: SM-VS, SML-VS
Flows To: 800 g.p.m.
Heads To: 100 feet
Discharge: 3-4 inches
HP: 0.25-20
RPM: 1150- 1750
Key product characteristics and benefits:

  • Always primed 
  • Compact Simplex or Duplex Design 
  • Adjustable impeller 
  • Vented or vapor tight construction 
  • Utilize standard C-face motors
  • High temperature applications 
  • Semi- open or non- clog impeller design 
Best solution for the following operations:

  • Elevator pits, basements, sump drainage, flood control, storm water,industrial process, condensation control,power plants, general dewatering service.
  • Sewage