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Vertical Process Pumps- Deming
Deming Vertical Process pumps are space saving, always primed, with cantilever shaft, no submerged bearings, and broad capacity range.
Materials of construction and performance highlights:

Models: Series 4310-11, Series 5560
Flows To: 500 g.p.m (Series 4310-11),
4,000 g.p.m (Series 5560)
Heads To: 100 feet (Series 4310-11),
240 feet (Series 5560)
Discharge: 1 -3 inches (Series 4310-11),
1 -10 inches (Series 5560)
HP: .25 - 7.5 (Series 4310-11),
1 - 75 (Series 5560)
RPM: 1150 or 1750
Key product characteristics and benefits:

  • Casing- Vertically split, end suction design. Double volute type on pumps with 3” and larger discharge. 
  • Impeller- Series 5560 pumps have semi-open type impeller with heavy vanes for outstanding performance. Back pump-out vanes on a semi-open impeller reduces pressure behind the impeller and limits axial thrust. 
  • Power Frame- Heavy duty, one piece cast iron, precision bored and machined to assure alignment of the rotating assembly. Series 4310-11 pumps are short set design. Series 5560 are available in 9”, 12”, and 15” extension lengths below the support plate. 
  • Shaft- High strength shaft is extra heavy for maximum loads with minimum deflection. Impeller is keyed to shaft and locked with impeller nut or large cap screw.
Best solution for the following operations:

  • Coolants 
  • Metal and Parts Washing 
  • Filtering 
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Pickling 
  • Circulation 
  • Paint Systems Plating 
  • Air Washers 
  • Pollution Control