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Crane Pumps
Drawing on more than a century of pump experience, Crane Pumps & Systems is a recognized leader in meeting the ever-changing needs of today’s worldwide military. Our technical experience can provide the expertise that is needed to accurately evaluate service requirements and specify the best pumping solution.

Crane Pumps & Systems offers United States military specification-approved products for Army, Navy, and Aerospace applications. 

Pumps offered include:

Bilge Pumps
Extremely rugged, compact submersible pumps operating on 28 volt DC current. These pumps, designed for the military for use on land and marine vehicles, can be modified for use in commercial applications as well. 

Heads to: 25 feet 
Flows to: 150 GPM 

Very compact submersible pumps designed for the military for use on land and marine vehicles, providing exceptional performance realative to their size and weight. (Operate on 1600 PSI @ 2.7 GPM input). 

Heads to: 25 feet 
Flows to: 300 g.p.m.                                                                 
Damage Control Pumps
5 HP marine duty submersible portable Prosser pump with 2 ½" discharge and aluminum and bronze construction. Furnished with basket strainer, foot valve, star strainer, manual switch in watertight enclosure, pump and power cable. 

200 g.p.m. and 140 g.p.m. 162 p.s.i.                                              
Macerator Pumps
Macerator pumps are available in either vertical or horizontal configurations with upgraded pressurized type 8-1 mechanical seals. Standard mechanical seals and I-EEE motors are also available options. 

3 HP, 40 g.p.m. at 30 p.s.i. 
3 HP, 20 g.p.m. at 20 p.s.i.