SITHE DEMO TRAILERS – Back on the road!

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We are excited to announce that the Sithe Demo Trailers will be returning to the road June 15th! Demo Trailer 1 will be beginning its summer tour in Missouri and Arkansas for the month of June then heading South for July. The second Sithe Demo Trailer will be touring Ohio for the month of June. *This schedule is subject to change due to ever changing travel restrictions and limitations. Until the trailer is back on the road, check out some pictures of a few of our favorite Sithe Demo trailers’ stops!

Sithe Demo Trailer in the Grand Canyon.
The Sithe Demo Trailer could be spotted in the Grand Canyon earlier this year!
A Sithe Demo Trailer stop in sunny North Carolina.
This past Winter the Demo Trailer made its way to sunny North Carolina.
The Sithe Demo Trailer stopped in the Bayou.
The Sithe Demo Trailer explored the Bayou with stops in Louisiana.
The Sithe Demo Trailer Presentation from WEFTEC 2019, at the Chicago White Sox Stadium!
Last but not least, let’s not forget the time we gave a Sithe Demonstration at the Chicago White Sox Stadium!

To see an updated schedule for the Sithe Demo Trailers visit:

To view Sithe Chopper Case Studies visit:

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