Jun 16 2010

Solving Costly Clogging Issues at Inkster’s Lift Station

Barnes® SH Series Solution



1 MGD CSO triplex lift station (Inkster,MI) outfitted with three Flygt CP3102 5HP 230v/3Ph pumps for 350gpm @ 23 FT TD


Persistent clogging of impellers caused by accumulation of typical household items demanded around-the-clock attention to keep the station running. Inkster’s Lift Station connects into Detroit Sanitary Sewer System and therefore when pumps clog the overflow is diverted to a retention pond. The wastewater from the pond is vacuumed and transported to the treatment plant (which generated undesired additional costs). The problem was so severe that the city moved to decommission the station and divert all of the flow into the retention pond. However, the State did not accept this method as a long-term solution.

Problem solving the pump.


CP&S devised a solution by providing our Barnes model 4SHVB100N2 vortex solids handling pump. This previously troubled lift station continues to operate today without an issue.

The City of Inkster, MI was experiencing recurring issues with the John Daly CSO station. Their pumps were clogging on average every 48 hours and, in some cases, within 10 minutes of reinstallation. The city tried several Flygt pump options including Flygt’s mix flush valve system. Working with Jett Pump & Valve, the city reviewed a proposal for three new Barnes SH Series pumps to solve their dilemma. The challenge was to prove that the SH Series would solve Inkster’s clogging issue in the John Daly CSO station. Jett Pump & Valve offered Inkster a 60-day trial with one unit. After 3 months of service, the Barnes SH Series never clogged. Not even once. Inkster subsequently purchased all three units for this station. 

Barnes Solids Handling Pump

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