Chopper Pumps

Barnes’ and Deming’s Chopper pumps stand as a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of wastewater applications, catering specifically to collection systems, treatment plants, food processing, agriculture, and other scenarios with substantial solid content. These pumps excel in solid size reduction, offering heightened reliability, ease of servicing, and overall low life cycle costs. The versatility of choosing between an oil filled or air filled motor enhances their adaptability, allowing users to tailor the pump to the specific requirements of their application. The groundbreaking patented chopping technology embedded in both options addresses clogging issues by efficiently slicing through even the most challenging solids present in the waste stream.

For optimal flexibility, the envie3 series introduces an air filled motor option available in both vertical and horizontal configurations. This premium-efficient IE3 motor not only ensures significant energy savings but also simplifies maintenance procedures. The dry-run submersible motor, combined with the proven chopping hydraulic performance, equips these pumps to handle a diverse range of challenges. Whether opting for an oil filled chopper or the air filled envie3 chopper, users can confidently rely on these pumps to keep pump clogging effectively under control. The innovative technology embedded in Barnes’ and Deming’s Chopper pumps positions them as a reliable and efficient choice for industries grappling with solids-laden wastewater applications, ensuring seamless operations and peace of mind for users.


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