Sump and Utility Pumps

Renowned for their sturdy build, superior performance, and dependable reliability, Barnes sump pumps stand as stalwarts in addressing water management challenges. Specifically engineered to thwart water damage, these pumps excel in efficiently handling excess water in areas susceptible to flooding such as basements, crawl spaces, and other below-grade structures within homes.

The design ethos of Barnes sump pumps revolves around resilience in the face of residential challenges. Incorporating corrosion-resistant materials and advanced pump technologies, these pumps are tailor-made for the unique demands of residential applications. Whether safeguarding homes, basements, or other living spaces, Barnes sump pumps operate with efficiency and promptness to eliminate excess water swiftly. This not only ensures the safeguarding of valuable possessions but also acts as a proactive measure, preventing potential damage to the property itself.

In essence, Barnes sump pumps exemplify a commitment to providing robust solutions for residential water management. Their ability to efficiently and reliably handle excess water underscores their pivotal role in mitigating potential risks associated with flooding, reflecting Barnes’ dedication to offering dependable and effective tools for homeowners in safeguarding their properties against water-related challenges.

The Expel’s Top suction volute prevents air lock and debris buildup.

Oil lubricated ball bearings provide longer life and quieter operation.

Type II mechanical seals provide superior motor protection in the Expel pump.

One piece motor/volute housing avoid potential gasket failure in the SP/EP Series.

The SP/EP Series have a permanent split capacitor motor for more efficient operating range.


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