Handling Solids

Commercial Pumping

In commercial settings, pumps are crucial for keeping fluids flowing smoothly. They are used in various industries to prevent clogging issues that can disrupt processes.

Whether it’s transferring water at a food processing plant or handling the waste from hospitals, commercial pumps help maintain a consistent flow. Different types of pumps, from choppers to dewatering pumps, are chosen based on specific needs.

The key goal is ensuring efficient and uninterrupted operations for numerous commercial businesses and organizations. Ongoing advancements in pump technology contribute to their reliability and effectiveness, making them essential for promoting productivity and sustainability in commercial applications.

Our Commercial Pump Applications

Food Processing
Multi-Family Facilities

Our Features

Why Choose CP&S Commercial Pumps?

Solids Handling Capabilities

CP&S offers solids handling pumps that reduce solid size and pass through even the toughest materials.

Eliminates FOG

Our commercial pump offerings efficiently and systematically remove fats, oils, and grease, preventing clogs and ensuring the unimpeded flow of liquids through the system.

System Flexibility

With a variety of mounting accessories and configuration options, our product portfolio can be retrofitted or adapted to fit into almost any application.

Commercial Wastewater Portfolio

Customers and businesses often struggle with the fluctuating solids in the waste stream when choosing the right commercial pump. It can be challenging to select a pump that suits your commercial needs, considering the solids in your application. Explore the image sections below to find CP&S products tailored for handling solids in commercial applications.

Chopper Pumps

Our chopper platform features oil-filled or air-filled motor housings.

In the oil-filled offering, the oil acts as both a lubricant and coolant, circulating oil through the stator and housing as a heat conductor.

In the air-filled offering, envie3, the pump utilizes a glycol cooling system. This patent-pending cooling system gives envie3 the capability to operate in dry-pit applications and allows lift stations to be shallower. This feature as well as the high efficiency IE3 rating will save time, money, and resources.

There are benefits to both offerings that can be adapted for any need or application. The main difference between the oil filled chopper and air-filled chopper is how the motor is cooled. The slicing mechanism and wet end of the two models are identical to provide the long-lasting reliability of all Deming products. Whether an oil filled chopper or an air-filled chopper better fits your application, you will experience cost and time savings.

Learn more about the exciting features of each motor type on our product pages.

Product Features

Open center cutter plate design with field replaceable blades provides superior chopping capabilities

Reduce solid size and pass through even the toughest materials

Made in the USA with best-in-class manufacturing lead times

Easy to service plug & play cord and commercially available mechanical seals and bearing components

Rugged and modern design that can withstand the harsh wastewater environment

Suitable for shallow wells, high water tables, and rocky terrain

Watch Us Chop!

Solids Handling Pumps

Deming Solids Handling impellers are designed for outstanding clogging resistance and optimal pumping efficiency. Similar to the Deming Chopper, the 7365 line is available in both oil and air filled motor options.

The Deming envie3 7365 solids handling platform can be used for even the toughest wet-well or dry-pit applications providing a higher efficiency performance. This ability also eliminates any concerns about storm flooding. When compared to competitors, the close coupled envie3 design is significantly smaller enabling 30%+ space saving when replacing existing pumps.

Learn more about the exciting features of each motor type on our product pages.

Product Features

The mechanical seals and bearing system in the SH reduce maintenance and are designed for a longer life

The SH design utilizes vortex, monovane, dual vane or tri vane impellers and can pass a 3 inch solid at a minimum

Manufactured in the USA and utilizes lean manufacturing to eliminate downtime.

Combines power, temperature sensing and moisture sensor conductors into a single cable for simplified installations and quick repairs

SH envie3 pumps have a patented closed loop glycol cooling system that keeps motors stress-free

Large stainless steel lifting bail making installation and service easier

Grinder Pumps

Don’t have a ton of flow or need a lot of head at your waste station? A grinder pump might be the right solution for your needs. Barnes by Crane Pumps & Systems offers two grinder product families.

The RAZOR is a 2 HP grinder pump for residential and light commercial solids handling applications. With the Razor’s thoughtfully designed innovative axial cutting technology, it is engineered to efficiently reduce solids like flushable wipes, diapers, and other non-biodegradable items.

Need a little more power? The Blade is a 3 – 15 HP grinder pumps for wastewater applications requiring high capacity, high head and high flow.

Patented Axial Cutter

Provides superior non-clogging versus radial designs

Tank Mixing

Fat, oil, and grease build up is prevented by constant water movement

Easy Serviceability

Thoughtful, lightweight design requires only one tool for service

Explosion Proof Design

Product portfolio expanded to include explosion proof models suitable for hazardous locations

Plug and Play Cord

Simplifies pump installation and serviceability with quick disconnect capabilities

Proven Technology

Proven history of solids-handling capabilities

Configuration Options

Available in vertical or horizontal discharge for simple installation and replacement

Explosion Proof Design

Optional explosion proof design gives an added peace of mind for pump operation and safety in hazardous locations

Cutter Pumps

Designed to solve clogging in commercial applications with light solids content, the Barnes SEC Cutter Pump is a 2–5HP offering that is packaged to retrofit into multiple installation types. Each pump is equipped with a JIS 80 discharge flange. Accessories are packaged with each pump to accommodate installations.

Superior Cutting

Steel cutting plate and impeller blade provide superior cutting.

Rugged Pump Design

Constructed with ASTM A-48 Class 30 Cast Iron


Removable stand and discharge accessories to fit perfectly in free-standing installations or on a variety of guide rail systems

Air Filled Motor

Air filled motor protected with integral moisture and temperature sensors

Package Features

3 Inch NPT Vertical Elbow: For use with the 2HP SEC Cutter.

4 Inch ANSI Class 125 Flange (with 4 Inch NPT threads) Vertical Elbow: For use with the 3HP and 5HP SEC Cutter.

JIS 80 to 4 Inch ANSI Horizontal Flange Adapter: For use with the 3HP and 5HP SEC Cutter.

Sewage Ejector Pumps

Sewage ejector pumps play a crucial role in managing wastewater in buildings below the main sewer line. Typically installed in basements or lower levels, these pumps facilitate the movement of sewage and greywater to higher elevations, ensuring efficient disposal into the main sewer system.

Barnes sewage ejector pumps are known for their quality and reliability. Manufactured by Crane Pumps & Systems, the Barnes SE and SEV sewage ejector pumps feature robust construction. These pumps are designed to handle demanding sewage and wastewater conditions, incorporating durable materials to withstand corrosive elements.

Barnes sewage ejector pumps are available in various models, catering to different capacity and head requirements. This technology is essential for properties where gravity alone isn’t sufficient for sewage drainage, offering a reliable solution for effective and hygienic waste removal.

Barnes Sewage Ejectors

SE/SEV Pump Features

Heavy duty upper and lower ball bearings are oil lubricated for superior cooling and maximum life

The pump utilizes a combination of cast iron and stainless steel components to stand up to the toughest sewage ejector applications

Capable of handling between 2-3 inch spherical solids which help prevent clogging

Effluent Pumps

Effluent pumps are specifically designed to efficiently move clarified or treated water from septic tanks or treatment plants to designated discharge points. By ensuring the effective removal of treated effluent, these pumps contribute to the overall hygiene and environmental sustainability of a commercial operation.

With a number of pump model options, Barnes effluent pumps are designed with the intricacies of wastewater management in mind, providing solutions for applications ranging from large-scale commercial projects to smaller industrial facilities.

Whether in hospitals, industrial processes, or other commercial applications, these pumps play a crucial part in maintaining the integrity of water resources and adhering to environmental regulations.

Barnes Effluent Pumps

Barnes Effluent Pump Features

Cast iron housing and volute

416 Stainless steel shaft to handle aggressive effluent

Upper and lower ball bearing for quieter operation and longer life

Sump Pumps

Barnes sump pumps are known for their robust construction, high performance, and reliability in handling water management challenges. These pumps are designed to prevent water damage by efficiently managing excess water in basements, crawl spaces, and other below-grade structures prone to flooding in commercial settings.

With features such as corrosion-resistant materials and advanced pump technologies, Barnes sump pumps are built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. Whether it’s protecting commercial properties, retail spaces, or industrial facilities, Barnes sump pumps swiftly and effectively remove excess water ensuring the protection of valuable assets, equipment, and inventory.

Barnes Sump Pumps

Expel Pump Features

Top suction volute prevents air lock and debris buildup

Oil lubricated ball bearings provide longer life and quieter operation

Type II mechanical seals provide superior motor protection

SP/EP Pump Features

One piece motor/volute housing avoid potential gasket failure

Oil lubricated ball bearings provide longer life and quieter operation

Permanent split capacitor motor for more efficient operating range