Crane Co.

Crane’s founder, Richard Teller Crane, was focused on doing business the right way and providing the best quality for customers when he started Crane in 1855. This ideology is the backbone of what Crane Co. is today.

As a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products with a substantial presence in a number of focused niche markets, Crane is strategically positioned to produce excellent returns and high cash flow throughout each of it’s business segments. These three business segments are: Aerospace & Electronics, Process Flow Technologies, and Engineered Materials. CP&S is a division of the Process Flow Technologies segment.

Crane Pumps & Systems

CP&S designs and manufactures innovative pump solutions for the effective and efficient transportation of wastewater.

Across our six brands—Barnes, Deming, Weinman, Burks, Prosser, and Crown, we provide an expansive product portfolio that has a rich history in the wastewater market. Our new product development process and framework enables us to be flexible and swift to changing market demands. It reminds us to THINK BIG, BE BOLD, and ACT FAST. Our devotion to CP&S associates and customers create bonds of exceptional service and improvement day in and day out. CP&S is propelling forward today and into the future with innovative market leading solutions.

R.T. Crane Resolution

R.T. Crane wove strong values into Crane’s fabric. He built a performance-based culture rooted in trust and respect. He believed in collaboration, diversity and that operating a business with the highest-quality of people would ensure financial success. Crane also believed in taking care of his employees and focusing on the customer more than the dollar. Crane also knew markets always change, and to stay ahead, success would depend on becoming faster, better and easier to do business with tomorrow, next month and next year. With over a century of committed excellence, Crane’s values for the company remain unchanged.

“I am resolved to conduct my business in the strictest honesty and fairness; to avoid all deception and trickery; to deal fairly with both customers and competitors; to be liberal and just toward employees; and to put my whole mind upon the business.”

Richard Teller Crane,
Founder of Crane Co. July 4, 1855

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