Cutter Pumps

Crafted to address clogging challenges in municipal applications characterized by light solids content, the Barnes SEC Cutter Pump stands out as a reliable 2–5HP solution. Engineered for versatility, it comes packaged to seamlessly retrofit into various installation types, ensuring adaptability to a range of setups. A notable feature of each pump is the inclusion of a JIS 80 discharge flange, enhancing compatibility and ease of integration within existing systems. To further facilitate installations, accessories are thoughtfully packaged with each pump, providing comprehensive solutions to accommodate diverse installation requirements.

The Barnes SEC Cutter Pump exemplifies a commitment to practicality and efficiency in municipal wastewater management. Its targeted design acknowledges the specific challenges posed by light solids content, offering a tailored solution that not only addresses clogging concerns but also simplifies the retrofitting process. This pump’s inclusion of essential features, such as the JIS 80 discharge flange and complementary accessories, underscores its user-friendly design, streamlining the installation process and enhancing its versatility across different municipal settings. In essence, the Barnes SEC Cutter Pump emerges as a dependable choice, marrying performance with adaptability to meet the unique demands of municipal applications with light solids content.

Steel cutting plate and impeller blade provide superior cutting.

Constructed with ASTM A-48 Class 30 Cast Iron.

Removable stand and discharge accessories to fit perfectly in free-standing installations or on a variety of guide rail systems.


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