Solids Handling Pumps

Barnes and Deming continue their commitment to excellence with the Solids Handling impellers, meticulously crafted for exceptional clogging resistance and genuine pumping efficiency. The Barnes SH and Deming 7365 lines go above and beyond, offering both oil and air-filled motor options to accommodate diverse operational needs. In the realm of challenging wet-well or dry-pit applications, the Solids Handling series emerges as a beacon of reliability, delivering not only reduced maintenance costs but also hydraulics engineered to resist clogs effectively.

This series utilizes a plug-n-play cord system, seamlessly integrating power, temperature sensing, and moisture sensor conductors into a single cable. This innovative design not only simplifies installations but also facilitates swift repairs, ensuring minimal downtime. The Air-Filled motor option stands out with its premium efficiency, capable of running wet or dry, eliminating concerns related to storm flooding in dry-pit scenarios. The envie3 design, featuring a close-coupled configuration, distinguishes itself by its significantly smaller footprint compared to competitors. This translates to remarkable space savings, exceeding 30%, when replacing existing pumps. Barnes and Deming once again showcase their dedication to cutting-edge technology, offering solutions that prioritize efficiency, resilience, and user-friendly functionality in the demanding field of solids handling.


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