Sewage Ejector Pumps

Sewage ejector pumps are crucial for managing wastewater in buildings below the main sewer line. Typically installed in basements or lower levels, these pumps help move sewage and greywater to higher elevations for proper disposal into the main sewer system.

Barnes sewage ejector pumps, made by Crane Pumps & Systems, are known for their quality and reliability. The Barnes SE and SEV sewage ejector pumps have strong construction to handle tough sewage and wastewater conditions, using durable materials to resist corrosive elements.

These pumps come in various models to suit different capacity and head requirements. They are essential for properties where gravity alone isn’t enough for sewage drainage, providing a reliable solution for effective and hygienic waste removal. Barnes continues to be a trusted choice, delivering pumps that prioritize performance, durability, and reliability for efficient wastewater management in various building scenarios.

Heavy duty upper and lower ball bearings are oil lubricated for superior cooling and maximum life.

The pump utilizes a combination of cast iron and stainless steel components to stand up to the toughest sewage ejector applications.

Capable of handling between 2-3 inch spherical solids which help prevent clogging.


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