Aug 13 2010

Pressure Sewer Advantage for Lake Community with Failing Septic Systems

The Barnes® Pressure Sewer Solution


Macy, Indiana Rural, lake community with a mix of full year and part-time residences. 255 stations with 8 miles of pipe


Individual septic tanks were failing due to the age of the systems and from the high water table in the area. As the septic systems failed, the water quality of the lake deteriorated. State and federal water quality mandates made it nearly impossible to obtain permits to install or repair septic tanks.


CP&S offered an alternative to using individual septic tanks. They provided a pressure sewer system using centrifugal grinder pumps and float level controls, this system has been working successfully since June, 2007.

Barnes® SGV Grinder Pump

The Barnes® Grinder Pumps Solution The Nyona and South Mud Lake Conservancy District looked to a local engineer for an alternative to using individual septic tanks due to increasing failure rates. After reviewing alternatives, the engineer chose the Barnes Pressure Sewer solution that comprised of Barnes’ centrifugal grinder pumps with float level controls. The grinder stations were installed in June, 2007. Since then, the community has experienced several benefits. • Improved water quality. • Homeowners are able to discharge without backups. • New homes can now be developed immediately adjacent to the lake.


“We feel the system is operating as good as expected. The Barnes grinder pump is a good, quality product.”

Barnes SGV Grinder Pumps

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