Mar 16 2011

Less Grease, No Odor, No Clogs for WK North Medical Center

The Barnes® SH Series Solution


Shreveport, LA
WK North Medical Center Hospital Wet-Well duplex station transfers the hospital’s kitchen and basement wastewater into the City of Shreveport’s manhole approximately 300’ away. Previously outfitted with two Weil 7.5 HP submersibles.



The submersible pumps in the WK North Medical Center’s duplex station were being clogged by grease buildup and dish rags.


Delta Process Equipment introduced WK North Medical Center to CP&S’ Barnes 4SH Series. Two 4SHM 7.5 HP pumps rated 400 GPM at 25’ TDH were installed. The Monovane impellers provide excellent clog resistance on applications with low-to-moderate flows and lower discharge heads. The Barnes 4SHM pumps decreased grease buildup and eliminated clogging issues.

Kitchen and basement waste at the WK North Medical Center flows through floor drains to a lift station where it is pumped to a City of Shreveport manhole. Marty Cole, Maintenance Engineering Supervisor for the Medical Center, was experiencing two or more clogs in his duplex station every six to eight months due to heavy grease buildup and an accumulation of dish rags.

 Marty Cole at WK North Medical Central Lift Station

The 4SHM pumps have not clogged since their August 2010 installation. The WK North Medical Center is very happy with the station. Marty Cole reports that there is no odor, much less grease and no clogs. CP&S’ distributor, Delta Process Equipment, introduced Marty Cole to the Barnes Solids Handling Series as a solution to his problem. Two 4SHM pumps rated 400 GPM at 25’ TDH were installed into the 72” x 228” fiberglass wet-well duplex station with all stainless steel piping and lift chain.