Feb 27 2019

Barnes SITHE Chopper Pump – Piqua, OH

Municipality Overview:

Life before Chopper Pump: The municipality of Piqua, Ohio is home to nearly 21,000 residents and is located in Miami County, 30 miles north of Dayton. The municipality currently operates 7 lift stations, four of these lift stations are in the process of being completely rebuilt. The Eagles Nest Lift station receives sewage from purely residential applications from around 100 homes in the Eagles Nest community.

 Eagles Nest lift station where SITHE Chopper pump is installed.



Lift Station Overview:

The existing Eagles Nest pump was an eight year old non-clog pump. Within the last years of the pumps’ operation it was experiencing tolerance issues and was jamming on average every other week. The pump was clogging due to wipes, Swiffer pads and grease jamming between the wear ring and the impeller. The pump would commonly clog after a heavy rain due to the fact that the heavy inflow would wash the system out sending a large amount of solids to the station. This required sending a crane truck and a crew of up to four people to derag, clean or repair the pump. The Eagles Nest wet well is around 60″ in diameter, nearly 20 feet deep and was built in the early 1980’s.

The city of Piqua’s truck at the waste water treatment plant.

Chopper Pump Installation:

CP&S replaced the existing non-clog pump with a SITHE Chopper pump in June 2018.  The pump has not clogged since it has been installed reducing maintenance hours needed to unclog the pump as well as lowering service costs.

Key Takeaways:

Pain Points:

• Existing pump was clogging frequently on flushable wipes, Swiffer pads and grease
• Maintenance required a team of four people and a crane truck to service the pump when it clogged


• CP&S replaced the non-clog pump with a SITHE Chopper pump
• The SITHE has not clogged since installation
• Maintenance hours and service costs have reduced



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