Feb 7 2019

Barnes SITHE Chopper Pump – Sutton, MA

Municipality Overview:

Life Before Chopper Pump: The town of Sutton, Massachusetts is a small bedroom community of approximately 9,300 residents. Originally settled in 1716, Sutton is a small rural community located about 50 miles west of Boston. CP&S & System’s local representative Williamson Pump & Motor Repair (Chelsea, MA) staff, worked with Donal Obuchowski, Sewer Superintendent (Sutton, MA) regarding the problematic pump station with a solution in July of 2017. The site of this install, the Whitins Road pump station, is the second of three pump stations in a series that collect wastewater from the local community and pump it on to the Sutton treatment plant. The stations serve the local
community which includes roughly 100 homes and small businesses.

 Existing pump that was pulled from the Whitins Road lift station next to the new SITHE Chopper pump.


Lift Station Details:

While stations within the municipality are cleaned with a vacuum truck quarterly, the station in Sutton exhibited a considerable amount of floating grease debris despite being cleaned roughly two weeks prior to CP&S’s visit.  The pump installed in the station was jamming on average once a month and needed to be cleaned or deragged in order to return to operation.  The pump was typically jamming due to nonwoven flushable wipes.

SITHE Chopper Pump Installation:

With pump installation assistance from Williamson Pump & Motor Repair and Kats Pumps, the team successfully installed a 20 HP Sithe Chopper pump. The installation was aided by a pump discharge adapter that matches the Barnes pump to the existing rail system resulting in no modifications to the rails or panel. Since the installation of the Sithe over a year ago, the town of Sutton has had less service calls to clean the station resulting in a 75% reduction in service costs. The Sithe is able to pump the same amount of sewage in half the time allowing for a 25% reduction in run time. Additionally, the grease debris build up has been alleviated, providing a cleaner and more efficient station.

Key Takeaways

Pain Points:

• Station cleaned with a vacuum truck quarterly
• Station exhibited a considerable amount of floating grease debris despite being cleaned two weeks prior to visit
• Existing pump jams on average once a month and need to be cleaned and deragged in order to return to operation
• Pump typically jams on flushable wipes


• 20 HP Sithe Chopper installed to replace existing non-clog pump
• Run time of pump reduced by 25%
• Service costs of vacuum truck and cleaning reduced by 75%
• Grease debris build up alleviated improving station efficiency

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