Jul 19 2019

White Iron Impellers

White Iron is the material of choice for impellers facing highly abrasive conditions. White Iron has a hardness of 58 HRC which is greater than most solids in the waste stream including abrasive substances like sand and grit. Due to White Iron hardness and resistance to wear, these robust impellers are engineered to outlast standard Cast Iron impellers by up to 3 times.

White Iron impellers prevent clogging while sustaining the hydraulic performance of pumps. Due to White Iron impellers’ resistance to abrasion or chips on the impeller vane, the impeller maintains its ability to chop and pump solids in the wastewater stream. The impellers’ ability to maintain its non-clogging capabilities enables higher hydraulic efficiencies over longer periods of time while reducing energy and operating costs.


Performance in Challenging Conditions:

Abrasive Applications: Standard Cast Iron impellers are suitable for pumping and chopping typical solutions found in the waste stream. However, sand and grit cause Cast Iron impellers to erode and fail prematurely. White Iron impellers are designed with abrasion resistance properties to withstand hard and abrasive solids found in collection and treatment systems, especially those in coastal areas where abrasive solids are common.

High I&I: Wastewater flow in a sanitary sewer system sometimes include unplanned components like groundwater infiltration and rainfall derived inflow. Small amounts of I&I are expected but may be excessive when it is the cause of overflows or bypasses. I&I events result in longer pump run times and exposure to unusual solids like sand, stones, grit, wooden barks and oils. Barnes White Iron impellers are designed to withstand hard and abrasive solids while providing reliable and trouble-free operation in high I&I environments.

Operation Flexibility: Pump operation past best efficiency point can lead to cavitation and pitting on impellers. Cavitation leads to premature failure and requires frequent replacement of impellers. White Iron impellers are less prone to damage from cavitation related problems and last three times longer than standard Cast Iron impellers.

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