Pipe Rail Fiberglass Lift Stations

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Pipe Rail Fiberglass Lift Stations

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The Barnes Pipe Rail Fiberglass Lift Stations provide ease of pump installation and maintenance using the quick disconnect breakaway fitting and stainless steel guide rails. They offer a broad range of customized and standard basins with reliable and dependable 1 to 7.5 hp grinder pumps, effluent pumps, and sewage ejectors in simplex and duplex configurations. The basins come in a variety of sizes and offer options in pumps, control panels, and covers to suit every project’s exact needs. Stations are available to order in custom configured and pre-configured standard options.

Technical Data

Materials of construction and performance highlights:
  • Models: SimplexDuplex
  • Flows To: 400 g.p.m.
  • Heads To: 160 feet
  • Discharge: 1.25", 2", 3"
  • HP: 1 - 7.5
    Pre-assembled materials include:
  • Schedule 80 PVC
  • Isolation Valve
  • Check Valve
  • BAF (3” – CV Moveable not available)
  • 3(Simplex) or 4(Duplex) Control Floats Suspended from Rack
  • Pipe Rails

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