Grinder Pump

Grinds wastewater from your home and pushes it through small diameter plastic pipe, which connects to larger piping in your street that delivers the fluid to a wastewater treatment facility.

Holding Tank

Constructed of polypropylene, the holding tank is installed underground on your property. A round tank cover is this only part that shows above the ground. All of the wastewater from your home flows into this tank.

Level Control

Dictates when the grinder pump will turn on and off by measuring the volume of fluid within the holding tank.

Alarm Panel

If the fluid level in the station reaches an alarm level, an alarm horn and light located in the alarm box on the outside of your home will automatically turn on.

What NOT to Flush

Never put any of the following materials into sinks, toilets, or drains – they may clog your system or create an unsafe environment:

Glass, metal, wood, seafood shells, coffee grounds

Paper, socks, rags, or cloth of any kind

Tampons or sanitary napkins

Plastic objects (toys, eating utensils etc.)

Any strong chemical, toxic, or poisonous substance

Degreasing solvents

Any explosive or flammable material

Gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, or paint thinner

Automotive antifreeze, lubricating oil or grease

Cooling fat (lard, oil, grease)

Kitty litter

Baby wipes or products marked as "flushable"