Peace of Mind is in Your Budget

Pressure sewer systems offer an economic solution to challenging environmental conditions, where gravity sewer systems are impractical and where septic systems pose risks to the environment.

Environmental impact, accessibility, cost, and future development all must be considered when developing new wastewater infrastructure. Pressure sewer is an accessible and affordable solution, that will reduce the time and money spent on maintenance and service. Their ability to expand or be tied into existing infrastructure keeps your growing community “future-proof” when expanding.

Ecotran Features

Pre-Packaged Solution

Simplifies the project design and installation by providing a standardized package offering.


Designed with service in mind – independent pump and level controls feature plug-and-play cords and fit perfect for easy installation and service.


Field adjustable depth and inlet position provides a solution that can be tailored to the needs of each installation.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Installation using directional boring and small diameter piping allow for lower environmental interference.

Fiberglass Basin Features

Optimized Performance

Modular design provides the variability to select the ideal pump and level control suitable for each unique installation.


Inlet piping and cord grips are shipped loose for field location and installation in accordance with the site-specific requirements.

Flexible Capacity

Offering simplex and duplex configurations, in a variety of depths and diameters.

Upgrade Core Features

Drop-In Replacement

Drop-in discharge connection easily fits into fixed discharge, flex hose or hard piped connection.

Easy to Service

Independent level control and pump allow for easy removal and inspection of either item.

Improved Pump Life

2 HP Centrifugal pump design empties basin in half the time with greater life than progressive cavity design.

Upgraded Grinding Mechanism

Patented axial cutter limits jamming and clogging. Third party NSF 46 rating ensures market leading grinding capabilities.

Product Resources

Razor Grinder in Action

The Barnes Razor grinder was designed with the changing waste stream in mind. Watch the Razor in action as it tackles the tough materials commonly found in today’s grinder pump stations.

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Radial vs. Axial Cutting

This tech note focuses on the difference between the two primary cutting mechanisms utilized in grinder pumps.

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Mobile, Alabama Case Study

Learn how Barnes Pressure Sewer provided peace of mind to Mobile County when they faced concerns of the risk that traditional sewer systems posed to the cleanliness of the Gulf!

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Upgrade Cores and their Importance 
in the Market

Upgrade cores provide a cost-effective, easy to install replacement to your existing pressure sewer system. Whether you are replacing a like-for-like grinder, or upgrading to a more effective solution, there are upgrade cores available to meet your needs!

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