Jul 16 2012

Providing Pressure Sewer Solution for Hilly, Rocky Site

The Barnes® EcoTRAN® & Basin Package



Graford, TX Hill Country Harbor community with hilly, rocky terrain and seasonal homeowners.



The rocky terrain and seasonal homes made it di cult and almost impossible to install a traditional gravity sewer system. Hill Country Harbor Community needed an alternative, and one that would be aesthetically pleasing to the residents of the upscale, luxury neighborhood.




CP&S recommended a Pressure Sewer Solution for the municipality consisting of Barnes EcoTRANs and Barnes duplex basin packages, both outfitted with the Barnes Omni Grind Plus® two stage centrifugal grinder pumps Key Features: Omni Grind Plus® (OGP) Grinder • Two stage pump design provides high head capability. • Installed with the Barnes ESPSTM (Environmentally Sealed Pressure Switch) to eliminate grease build up issues. • Start and run capacitors are located in the motor housing so no expensive control panel required. • UL and CSA listed to assure quality and electrical safety.

While attending the 2009 International Builders’ Trade Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, NV Dan Offield from Hill Country Harbor Municipality visited the CP&S booth. The municipality needed a pressure sewer solution that could handle a rocky and hilly terrain, seasonal home use and would be atheistically pleasing for the luxurious lake community of Hill Country Harbor. CP&S offered to provide a system design that would illustrate the recommendation for the site. CP&S designed a complete piping analysis with sophisticated piping software, KY Pipe, and then compared it to the competition’s system analysis. The CP&S design recommended 100 EcoTRANs and five duplex basin packages all outfitted with two stage centrifugal Omni Grind PlusTM grinder pumps. The municipality was impressed with the design, not only was it atheistically pleasing, but it was 30% less cost than the competitor’s design!


The Barnes EcoTRAN Pressure Sewer System

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