Oct 16 2012

Barnes Solids Handling Pump – Sacaton, AZ

Municipality Overview:

Life Before Solids Handling Pump: Sacaton is located in southern Arizona and has a population of approximately 1,500. The Gila River Indian Reservation is located within Sacaton. Sacaton and the reservation’s waste water collection systems receive sewage from mostly residential and light commercial applications.


 Gila River Indian Reservation Lift Station


Lift Station Details:

One of the pump stations in the Gila River Indian Reservation was clogging on a daily basis. Solids including bed sheets, rubber gloves, shirts and mop heads were clogging the pumps in the station. In addition to this station, there was one more station where the submersible pumps were clogging on a weekly basis. The municipality was frustrated with these two stations and wanted a permanent solution to pump clogging.


CP&S’ Arizona based distributor, Pump Systems, was on a routine sales call with Gila River Indian Reservation when they learned of the problem station that was clogging daily. Pump Systems recommended the Barnes Solids Handling pump with a 7.5 HP motor and 4 inch discharge. Barnes SH pumps provide 3 inch solids handling capability and are designed to handle stringy solids. The pump’s plug-n-play cord design allows for simplified routine maintenance. In September 2011, Gila River Indian Reservation installed the Barnes 4SH pump in the lift station, and found that the clogging stopped immediately. Highly pleased with the pump’s performance, the reservation replaced the submersible pump in the other pump station with a Barnes 4SH pump too.

Key Takeaways:

Pain Points:

• Two pump stations were frequently clogging
• One pump station was clogging 4 to 5 times a week
• The pump in the other station was clogging once a week


• Pump systems, a CP&S distributor, recommended the Barnes SH pump in both problem stations.
• Since the installation of the two Barnes SH pumps both pumps have been working great without any issues.

The Barnes Solids Handling Pump

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