Jan 17 2014

Barnes Solids Handling Pump – Hayden, AZ

Municipality Overview:

Life Before Solids Handling Pump: The town of Hayden is located in southeastern Arizona and has a population of approximately 700 people. Hayden has close ties to the mining industry. The town wanted to build their first waste water treatment plant to serve the community. The wastewater treatment plant would receive wastewater from primarily residential and light commercial applications.


 Town of Hayden Waste Water Treatment Plan


Location Details:

Hayden has been purchasing Barnes pumps for the past 18 years and is highly pleased with the quality and service of Barnes’ products. So, Hayden made the decision to purchase Barnes pumps for their waste water treatment plant and collection system too.

Solids Handling Pump Installation:

The construction on the new Waste Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Collection Systems was completed in five phases. The plant will have a capacity of 80,000 gallons per day on average and 200,000 gallons per day peak daily flow. Gary Cruz, Operations Supervisor for the Town of Hayden met with Pump Systems, CP&S’ distributor in Arizona to decide which pumps would best serve the town. They selected the Barnes solids handling pumps; Barnes 4SE, Barnes 3SE and Barnes 4SHV. The 4SE pumps are installed inside the plant and the 4SH pumps are installed after treatment to transport the reuse water.

Key Takeaways:

Pain Points:

• The town of Hayden wanted to build a waste water
treatment plant.
• The town needed expertise in pump selection and wanted reliable pumps for the treatment plant and collection


• The municipality worked with Pump Systems to decide which Barnes pumps to purchase for the new wastewater treatment plant
• Hayden purchased three pumps from the Barnes solids handling series

Barnes Solids Handling Pump