Mar 17 2014

Deming® Demersible Tough on Solids and Reduces Water Usage for African Savannah Exhibit

Deming tough on solids


Cincinnati, OH Water feature and filtration at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens


The African Savannah exhibit expansion project is being constructed in seven phases, phase three of the project included three explicit water pumping needs: 1. Water circulation in a dead zone 2. Water filtration unit for reclaiming and reusing of water 3. Still water effect and waterfall


In conjunction, CP&S’ Deming 7365 4 inch Demersible and Barnes submersible pumps met all three of the exhibit’s needs. The Demersible pump was installed for water circulation and water filtration, while the Barnes submersible pump pumped water for the still water effect and waterfall.

CP&S’ channel partner, Schaerges & Vossler Pump Company, has a long standing relationship with the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens maintenance crew. The zoo’s African Savannah Exhibit Expansion project is being constructed in seven phases, phase three was completed in June, 2013.  Cincinnati zoo: Savannah Exhibit Phase three required a pump for circulating water in a dead zone in the lion moat to prevent algae build-up in an area that would not see significant water movement and a feed into a filtration unit to reclaim the water for recirculation. It also included a water feature for hoof stock and a lion moat. Schaerges & Vossler Pump recommended a Barnes submersible with a larger capacity VTP for the still water effect and waterfall. They recommended a Deming Demersible 7365 4 inch solids handling pump for the circulation and filtration needs. The Demersible offers superior solids handling capability for animal waste, leaves, straw, and consumer debris, while also allowing the zoo to reduce water consumption by feeding water into a filtration unit to reclaim and reuse existing water. The Demersible is operated thru a VFD to control flow requirement for the filtration unit or as a recirculation pump back to the end of the lion moat. The zoo has been able to reduce its water usage by 190 million gallons in the last six years. This is due to improving filtration systems, upgrading pumps, and being committed to water conservation.

“We plan on using these pumps on future and replacement pumps in large part due to pump quality and the support of Schaerges and Vossler”


Deming Demersible Solids Handling Pump

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