Mar 17 2014

1972 Weinman Split Case Pumps Still Operating to Today’s Specifications

Weinman® Split Case Pump


Ithaca, NY Chilled water system for Cornell University’s Veterinary Medical Center.


Contractor work was being done inside Cornell University’s Veterinary Medical Center’s mechanical room when an object inadvertently fell on and cracked the upper case of one of three installed Weinman Split Case pump.


An exact replacement of the original pump, Weinman Model 8L2A Split Case pump. Features:

  • Heavy castings absorb vibration and hydraulic noise for a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Durable construction includes bronze fitted with iron cases.
  • The pump is permanently bolted and doweled to the base at the factory to prevent pump movement and misalignment.
  • Spacer-type coupling is standard and allows easy replacement of seals and bearings.

In July of 1972 three Weinman Model 8L2A pumps were installed in the Cornell University’s Veterinary Medical Center to pump chilled water. WEINMAN 8L2A SPLIT CASE PUMP During recent contractor work an object fell on and cracked the upper case of one of the three original installed Weinman Split Case pumps. The crack was non-reparable and the pump needed to be replaced. Up until this time, the pump has had no repairs. One of the other pumps has only had one seal replacement since installation and the other pump is also still operating to the manufacturer’s specifications and has not required any maintenance.  WEINMAN 8L2A SPLIT CASE PUMPS Lenny Klein from CP&S’ channel partner, Midway Industrial Supply, suggested doing an exact replacement of the original pump purchase, because the damaged Weinman spilt case pump had 41 years of service with no previous problems. Cornell University purchased a new Weinman Model 8L2A split case pump with the expectation of running it for another 40 or so years! Weinman split case pumps are recognized for quality, efficiency and low costs and combine mechanical simplicity with sophisticated hydraulic design.

“Clearly, I suggested to replace the damaged Weinman with another Weinman. Long term quality shows on the Weinman Split Case pumps!”