Feb 17 2018

Barnes SITHE Chopper Pump – Pataskala, OH

Barnes Sithe submersible chopper pump eliminates weekly clogging issues at Southwest Licking County’s lift station in Pataskala, OH.

Municipality Overview:

Life before Chopper pump: The municipality of Pataskala is a part of Licking County, located in central Ohio. Pataskala has approximately 15,500 residents and is a rural water and wastewater district that covers about 100 square miles. The wastewater treatment plant is designed to handle 2.5 million gallons per day.


Barnes chopper pump installation


Pump Station Details:

The pump station receives sewage from primarily residential applications including a trailer park and several other lift stations. The sewage is then pumped from this lift station to the municipalities wastewater treatment plant. Many larger uncommon items were clogging the existing non-clog pumps at the station consistently, including t-shirts, mop heads, ropes, rags and undergarments. Due to the blockages a service team had to unclog the pumps on average every week. The constant service calls led to unnecessary expenditure on man-hours, equipment and fuel.

Pump Installation:

Excel Fluid Group Inc., a CP&S channel partner, teamed up with Matt Pennington, Collection System Supervisor, to install Barnes’ brand new SITHE Chopper pump. The intention was to chop big solids right before pumping and therefore prevent clogging. The pump installed was a 4SCMEA 10HP chopper pump. The installation was straight forward and no modifications were required to the station or the control panel. The slotted discharge flange allowed the pump to be installed with existing guide rail fitting. Plug-n-play cord made the installation quicker. Equipped with hardened and heat treated cutting blades, SITHE has been chopping and pumping away solids since June 2017 with zero downtime.

Key Takeaways:

Pain Points:

  • The existing non-clog pump required weekly runs to unclog the pump
  • Weekly clogging led to high maintenance costs and service costs


  • A 4SCMEA 10HP SITHE Chopper pump installed
  • Due to the design the SITHE, the existing pump was replaced with no changes to the pump panel or station design
  • There has been zero downtime with the pump since installation
Heat treated cutting blades

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