Aug 16 2018

Barnes SITHE Chopper Pump – Cedar Hill, TX

Barnes Sithe submersible chopper pump prevents clogging by chopping rags, mop heads and diapers at Windsor lift station in Cedar Hill, TX.


Municipality Overview:

Life before Chopper Pump: The city sewer district of Cedar Hill, Texas is an urban wastewater district with 20 lift stations that serve a population of approximately 50,000. The town includes a large amount of residential housing and a senior living center. The districts service team had to pull a pump every couple of months to unclog it of rags, diapers and mop heads. Even switching between multiple non-clog pump brands didn’t solve their problem.

 Rags and mop head that were clogging the existing pump.




Lift Station Details:

Cedar Hill Water and Sewer division’s Windsor lift station is one of its most challenging stations as it receives sewage pass-through from a senior living center and residential houses. The service team had to unclog non-clog pumps every 2-3 months. Different non-clog pump brands were tried, but frequency of clogging remained the same. Typically, rags and mop heads were clogging the pumps. Sewage is directly pumped to the wastewater treatment plant

SITHE Chopper Pump Installation:

In order to pass big solids easily, Pump Solutions Inc., a channel partner for CP&S, decided to alleviate the problem by installing a new state-of-the-art chopper pump. They chose to install a 20 HP 4SCDG with a dual-vane impeller pump. The new pump fit right into the existing guide rail and no alterations were required to the control panel due to the Sithe design. Barnes Plug-n-play technology made cord connection quicker saving time and cost. It has been over 8 months since installation and Cedar Hill hasn’t had to pull the pump once to unclog. Sithe has proven to be successful in solving Cedar Hill, Texas’ biggest problem – frequent clogging

Key Takeaways

Pain Points:

• The service team had to unclog non-clog pumps every 2-3 months
• Different non-clog pump brands were tried, but did not solve the clogging
• The pump was typically clogged with rags and mop heads


• Pump Solutions Inc., and CP&S installed a 20HP 4″ Sithe
• The pump fit the existing guide rail with no alterations to the control panel
• In over 8 months since installation the pump has not clogged

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