Jan 26 2019

National Sales Meeting ft. Sithe Chopper Trailer

During the last week of January, CP&S held the annual National Sales Meeting, bringing together every member of the diverse teams that face our customers in the field every day. Regional sales managers representing both the United States and Canada, covering the Municipal and Building Services/Industrial market, met with the inside team from Piqua, Ohio to cover 2018 results, 2019 strategy and objectives, new product development, marketing initiatives, and effective selling practices and tactics.

With a continued focus on the Sithe Chopper pump in CP&S Municipal and Industrial markets, a live demonstration was conducted by two Chopper-experts from the Municipal team using the Sithe Chopper Trailer which has been traveling through the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast educating engineering firms and municipalities on the benefits of the chopper pump.

While the markets and applications served by CP&S are vastly diverse, the Chopper pump was designed to handle solids not only in the waste stream of municipal lift stations, but also to handle organic matter present in industrial processing plants and similar commercial applications.