Jul 7 2020

Product Release: New Non-Clog and Chopper Hydraulics

We are excited to release new hydraulics for non-clog and chopper platforms! This new hydraulic extension applies to Barnes and Deming brand pumps, extending our hydraulic coverage for mono-vane, dual-vane, tri-vane and vortex impellers, increasing maximum flow to 6500 gpm, and providing more solutions for non-clog and chopper customers.

Our non-clog pumps are designed for outstanding clog resistance and true pumping efficiency. For even the toughest applications, Barnes and Deming non-clog pumps offer reduced maintenance costs and hydraulics designed for optimum performance and efficiency. With best in class lead times and plug-n-play cord entry, Barnes and Deming non-clog pumps offer quick and efficient solutions.

Our chopper pumps are the best solution for highly demanding waste water applications. Our Barnes Sithe Chopper and Deming Demersible Chopper pump solve clogging with a unique, first-of-its-kind technology that slices even the most troublesome solids in the waste stream. These pumps offers superior size reduction, high reliability, ease of servicing, ability to upgrade and low life cycle costs.

We’ve added a collection of hydraulics to improve our performance and efficiency, focusing on both ends of our performance coverage:

True 3” Solids Handling

  • Our new VC 3” discharge has 3 & 5 HP options for non-clog pumps comes with single or three phase motors, performance up to 475 GPM and 48 ft head
  • The VC hydraulic is available in Non-clog options only.

High Flow 8” & 10” Discharge

  • The TB 10” Non-clog now covers 30-100 HP range with three phase motors, performance up to 6400 GPM and 110 ft head
  • Our TB Chopper line features a 50-150 HP range with a three phase motor, 5000 gpm and 225ft head.
  • The DA 8” Non-clog covers a 50-150 HP range with a three phase motor, 4400 gpm and 215ft head
  • Our DA 8” Chopper discharge has 100-150 HP coverage with a three phase motor, 4400 gpm and 225ft head.

Low Flow/ High Head 4”

  • Our MB non-clog option allows a 15-50 HP range with a three phase motor, 1000 gpm and 185ft head.
  • The MB chopper option includes a 15-40 HP range with a three phase motor, 700 gpm and 188ft head.

Redesigned For Efficiency

  • Our DG/DM chopper option features a 7.5-30 HP range with 800 gpm and 100ft head
  • The DG/DM hydraulic is available in chopper options only.

Be sure to view or download the flyers below for full information on our updated hydraulics for our solids-handling and chopper pump product lines!

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