Aug 11 2020

Empowering Pumps Podcast Featuring – Chris Skintges

Chris Skintges, Municipal Market Manager and Chopper Pump expert, recently sat down with Charli Matthews, founder & CEO of Empowering Brands, to discuss Chopper Pumps and current events. Chris has over 18 years of sales experience in the pump industry, four of those years serving as a Southeast Regional Sales Manager for CP&S. Chris has also worked as an Environmental Engineer for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection extending his knowledge to environmental regulatory issues around public water systems and waste water systems.

The Empowering Pumps podcast’s logo, “Empowering Industry.”

In this podcast episode, Chris and Charli discuss the changing composition of wastewater and the challenges this creates for pumps. Water conservation efforts paired with an increase in the amount of solids flushed have led to frequent pump clogging and Chopper Pumps present a solution to clogging. Listen to the full podcast to learn how Chopper Pumps’ unique technology combats waste water with high solids content.


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