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R.T. Crane stated in his autobiography: “Very early in my business experience I became convinced that, in order to succeed in the large business at which I was aiming, a thorough system must be devised”.

Today, our associates are united in using the Crane Business System to build a global network of people and solutions with consistent safety, quality, delivery, and cost that generates profitable organic growth, from one side of the globe to the other. Crane Co. executes more than 500 kaizen events annually to drive continuous improvement throughout worldwide operations. CP&S is a large part of that.

New Product Development

CP&S has actively used customer feedback (Voice of the Customer or VOC) to guide their New Product Development (NPD) decisions. This approach has been crucial in understanding market trends and meeting customer needs effectively. By incorporating insights from customers, CP&S has developed innovative pumping solutions tailored to our diverse clientele. This commitment to a customer-centric strategy has not only helped identify emerging trends but also allowed CP&S to address industry challenges more effectively. Since 2006, Crane has leveraged this feedback to launch 8 new product lines specifically focused on solving problems in the new modern waste stream. By consistently integrating VOC into our NPD processes, we have solidified our reputation as a forward-thinking leader dedicated to delivering cutting-edge and customer-focused pumping solutions for the wastewater market.

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Career Growth

At CP&S, we recognize that attracting and developing top talent is crucial for the continued success of our business. We offer career opportunities in various disciplines across the organization and are looking for individuals who aspire to excel in their roles. Whether you’re a student exploring career paths through our internship program or a candidate seeking full-time employment, we are dedicated to proactively supporting your ongoing career development, encouraging you to take on new challenges and opportunities.

We prioritize the career development of all associates by providing an annual development plan that combines on-the-job coaching and formal training experiences to meet individual development needs. We are committed to fostering associate growth for career progression, actively supporting ongoing career development to provide every opportunity for advancement.

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