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Crane Pumps & Systems Launch SITHE Submersible Chopper Pumps

Crane Pumps & Systems is excited to announce the launch of SITHE submersible chopper pumps. SITHE chopper pumps are Barnes solution to clogging in highly demanding solids laden waste water applications in the Municipal market. SITHE chopper pumps are available in 4” and 6” discharge sizes from 7.5HP to 60HP. SITHE chopper pumps provide a maximum head of 200 ft. and a maximum flow of 1,750 G.P.M. Both standard and explosion proof SITHE chopper pumps are available in industry best lead times of 3 weeks. Click here to see the SITHE in action.


Crane Pumps & Systems Launch BLADE Grinder Pumps for High Head High Flow Grinding Applications

Crane Pumps & Systems successfully launched the BLADE line of grinder pumps in Oct 2017. BLADE XGV grinder pumps are explosion proof pumps from 3HP to 15HP with applications in Municipal, Light Commercial and Industrial environments. BLADE grinder pumps deliver heads up to 240 ft. and flows up to 155 G.P.M. The addition of BLADE grinder pumps to the Barnes portfolio further strengthens the market leading position of Barnes grinder pumps, and makes Barnes the preferred grinding solution provider for customers in all markets.


Crane Pumps & Systems Launch NSF 61/372 Split Case Pumps

Crane Pumps & Systems is pleased to announce the launch of NSF 61/372 Weinman®-Deming® Split Case Pumps. With this launch, Crane Pumps & Systems has a whole line of water pumps that comply with the industry’s highest standards for clean drinking water. Made of Lead Free & Zinc Free Aluminum Bronze & Cast Iron construction, the Weinman®-Deming® NSF Split Case pumps are suitable for potable water applications, pressure boosters, chilled water circulation, cooling towers and boiler feed services. The Weinman®-Deming® NSF Split Case pumps are available in horizontal & vertical designs, and provide heads up to 460 ft. and flows up to 7,000 G.P.M

Other NSF certified pumps offered by Crane Pumps & Systems include the Weinman 375/575 close coupled and frame mounted end suction pumps, and the Burks BPV Vertical Multistage Pumps.

SITHE Submersible Chopper Pumps

SITHE submersible chopper pumps solve the largest problem faced by customers in the waste water industry – clogging. SITHE chopper pumps solve clogging issues by using a unique first-of-its-kind chopping design. The design consists of an open center cutter, heat treated 416 stainless steel blades and the industry’s lowest clearance between the stationary and rotating blades. Other market defining features of the SITHE chopper pump includes highly efficient Barnes hydraulic designs, dual/tri voltage plug-n-play quick connect cords, liquid cooled motors, class H insulation, 416 stainless steel shaft with a tapered fit, readily available premium quality mechanical seals, heavy duty bearings, large lifting bails and stainless steel hardware. These premium features of the SITHE chopper pump provide immense value to customers like superior non-clogging and solid size reduction capabilities, high reliability, ease of maintenance, good hydraulic coverage and low life cycle cost. Click here to learn more about SITHE chopper pumps.


BLADE XGV Grinder Pumps

BLADE XGV Grinder pumps utilize the highly acclaimed Barnes/ Deming solids handling non clog platform, and hence provide all the benefits of the non-clog platform like rugged and reliable design, ease of maintenance and efficient hydraulics. Since the BLADE XGV grinder pumps are equipped with the Barnes Slicerator™ grinding technology, they can grind and pump even the most troublesome solids in waste streams like wipes, cloth, diapers, plastics, ropes and elastic nylon materials.

BLADE XGV grinder pumps are CSA certified for explosion proof rating, and are used in environments rated Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D, T4. The 3HP, 5HP and 7.5HP models are available in both vertical and horizontal discharges. The high head models are available with horizontal discharge in 7.5HP, 10HP and 15HP. Click here for more information on BLADE XGV grinder pumps.


NSF 61/372 Certified Weinman®-Deming® Split Case Pumps

Weinman®-Deming® NSF certified split case pumps are available from 2” to 12” discharge sizes. These pumps meet the industry's highest standards for drinking water and comply with the federally mandated Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Weinman®-Deming® NSF split case pumps are recognized for their sophisticated hydraulic design, extensive hydraulic coverage, high efficiencies and rugged construction.

Both the horizontal L series pumps and vertical LVM series pumps feature Lead free & Zinc Free Aluminum Bronze impellers and wear rings, and FDA approved mechanical seals. The L1 to L6 models are available in standard sleeveless construction with 416 stainless steel shaft and optional 316 shaft. The L7 and L8 models are available in standard sleeved construction with steel shaft and 416 stainless steel sleeves, with 416 and 316 stainless steel shaft and sleeve options. Click here to learn more about Weinman®-Deming® NSF split case pumps.

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