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March 1, 2015- Los Angeles, CA Deming Triplex Case Study 
Crane Pumps & Systems has a rich legacy of long standing brands and quality products. The Mount Wilson Solar Observatory in Los Angeles, CA has a Deming Triplex Pump that still operates 100 years after being installed. Learn more about the Deming Triplex Pump and its time in operation at the observatory: Los Angeles, CA Deming Triplex Case Study

March 1, 2015- Lake Ariel, PA Pressure Sewer Case Study
Crane Pumps & Systems Pressure Sewer design and products provide advantages and savings for Roamingwood Sewer and Water Authority. Learn more about the benefits of the Pressure Sewer systems: Lake Ariel, PA Pressure Sewer Case Study

January 1, 2015- President Featured in Pumps & Systems 
CP&S president, Alan Oak, is featured in Pumps & Systems January State of the Industry issue. Read more to find out what Alan says about CP&S growth and the overall market: State of the Industry
NEW Fiberglass Lift Stations
The new Barnes Fiberglass Lift Stations are robust pre- assembled packages available in Pipe Rail Simplex/Duplex and Hard Piped Simplex Stations. The CP&S online configurator tool and technical sales staff simplifies the selection process, assuring the right pump, control panel, basin, and cover are chosen for each unique application. To learn more about the Fiberglass Lift Stations browse the product pages: Fiberglass Lift Stations Product Browse Page

Weinman 375/575 Series Pumps
The Weinman 375 & 575 Series provides a broad range of sizes that offer the high efficiency of a tangential discharge pump and the serviceability of a back pull out design. These pumps have a direct flange to flange dimension with B & G. The new Weinman pumps now extend to even larger sizes with impellers up to 15.5” and discharge up to 8”. To learn more visit the BPO product page: Back Pull Out Product Detail Page

Extended SH Line

We are pleased to introduce new 4SH and 4XSH pump configurations in 1150 RPM. These configurations utilize existing SH/XSH pump ends and 21 and 28 Frame motors. The extended line offers all of the same great features as our current pumps, and provides a better fit in lower head applications. To learn more visit the catalog pages: Municipal Catalog- Sewage & Waste Water

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